South Europe Infrastructure Equity Finance - SEIEF

Incorporated in 2006, South Europe Infrastructure Equity Finance (« SEIEF ») is an investment company which has raised 120M EUR and specializes in equity investments in the public infrastructure sector.


SEIEF focuses on PPP (Public Private Partnership) greenfield infrastructure projects located in the South Europe region (France, Italy, Spain and Portugal).


SEIEF’s objective is to select infrastructure projects that provide an attractive, stable and predictable return with a low risk profile (i.e. PPP projects or renewable energy projects benefiting from a favourable regulation).


SEIEF has been incorporated as a Luxembourg SCA (equivalent to a limited partnership) with the sponsorship of the Dexia Group and the European Investment Bank (« EIB »).


The management of SEIEF has been entrusted to EPIM, an independent management company which has built up a team of professionals with a large experience in the infrastructure sector.