The management of SEIEF is entrusted to EPIM, an independent management company incorporated in Luxembourg with an office in Paris. EPIM has a team of 4 professionals with a wide experience in infrastructure and dedicated to the development and management of SEIEF's asset portfolio.


EPIM’s mission is to originate and manage SEIEF’s investments portfolio implying the following tasks:


  • identification, analysis and negotiation of the investment opportunities,
  • management and monitoring of project companies through direct board representation,
  • financial and operational optimisation for SEIEF’s portfolio,
  • liquidity optimisation and asset disposal strategies,
  • administration of SEIEF and EPIM group,
  • reporting to SEIEF’s investors.


The Investment Committee takes all decisions regarding investments and divestments on an independent basis. The Investment Committee is made up of 4 members; the 3 senior members of EPIM’s management team and one independent member having extensive senior experience in the field of infrastructure structured finance.